Downsides/Gotchas of using Projections in Episerver Find

Episerver Find is my preferred way to write searches for Episerver. It allows me to write search queries quickly using a LINQ like syntax I am familiar with, while leveraging Episerver’s cloud servers to do the heavy lifting.

While this does shift some of our server load to Episerver’s servers, the standard implementation still relies on my servers to load model data, and build view models. Generally this isn’t slow, but processing complex view models can hurt performance, and impact server load, especially as result sets increase in size, and complexity.

Projections allow me to specify which fields Episerver Find should retrieve data for, for a given query. I try to use them wherever it makes sense, since it allows us to display results with very little server load. There are a few downsides/gotchas that I’ve had to work through though.

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Debugging Episerver Find Queries

Episerver Find is a powerful search platform for Episerver, but it can be somewhat difficult to debug issues with. There are many posts on Episerver World discussing debugging with Fiddler, but none that describe how to configure it. I recently forgot myself and had to look it up again.

Add (or merge) the following to your development web.config:

      enabled = "true"
      useDefaultCredentials = "true">

If Fiddler is having trouble reading HTTPS requests/responses, you may need to reset Fiddler’s HTTPS certificates.

Another Vote on Net Neutrality

There is going to be another vote on Net Neutrality. Unfortunately, it looks like as if it is only being used to influence the upcoming midterm elections. I don’t see how it could pass, and that is pretty disappointing. I was going to write more about this topic, with some updates, but instead I will post my original thoughts I shared when the initial vote happened.

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What Cars?

Every car/project that I documented and/or wrote about is no longer in my possession.

I junked my Integra in 2012 after the left rear lower control arm became disconnected and went into the trunk. It cut my brake line and would have been more work to fix than it was worth.

I sold my e30 in 2013. There was nothing wrong with it, but I needed something a little more modern and dependable. It never became the track car I had hoped, but it was fun while it lasted.

I parted ways with my Camaro in 2016. This one was a little bitter sweet since I had it for so many years, and had put so much work in to it. In the end I needed something different and found that in another car…

SOLD: SLP LS6 Intake Manifold with EGR – $300 – Part# 12573572

I bought a set of LS6 heads locally a while back and the guy threw in this SLP LS6 intake manifold. It’s an LS6 manifold that has been fitted with the EGR fitting that the 98-00 F-Body LS1s needed to pass emissions. I don’t have a use for it since I have an LS1 from a 2002 that does not require EGR. Part# 12573572

LS6 Intake Manifold w EGR

Drive for Babies 2010 Track Video

Well I finally cropped and uploaded my video from Drive for Babies 2010 at Road America. I didn’t record any more, because I thought the quality was too low with my phone. It actually isn’t too horrible. Anyway I will try to post some more track videos in the coming months. I kind of have no reason since winning a GoPro HD Hero 2 a month ago.