SOLD: SLP LS6 Intake Manifold with EGR – $300 – Part# 12573572

I bought a set of LS6 heads locally a while back and the guy threw in this SLP LS6 intake manifold. It’s an LS6 manifold that has been fitted with the EGR fitting that the 98-00 F-Body LS1s needed to pass emissions. I don’t have a use for it since I have an LS1 from a 2002 that does not require EGR. Part# 12573572

LS6 Intake Manifold w EGR

Drive for Babies 2010 Track Video

Well I finally cropped and uploaded my video from Drive for Babies 2010 at Road America. I didn’t record any more, because I thought the quality was too low with my phone. It actually isn’t too horrible. Anyway I will try to post some more track videos in the coming months. I kind of have no reason since winning a GoPro HD Hero 2 a month ago.