Another Vote on Net Neutrality

There is going to be another vote on Net Neutrality. Unfortunately, it looks like as if it is only being used to influence the upcoming midterm elections. I don’t see how it could pass, and that is pretty disappointing. I was going to write more about this topic, with some updates, but instead I will post my original thoughts I shared when the initial vote happened.

This seriously infuriates me. I know I most likely overshare my opinions on political issues, which make most of my posts either white noise to many or cause many to un-follow or ignore me outright. This change in law hits me the hardest and goes against so much that I believe in.

The best parts of the internet is about being able to share and find whatever you want, whether that is ideas, products, information, or really just about anything.

Although, I’m not too old – I do remember what it was like before the internet.

Doing research? Better hope your library has the book you need or you can afford it.

Need a specific product? If your local brick and mortars don’t have it, maybe you can find a mail order place? If not you’re SOL.

Have an idea or thought you want to share? Pay to send out snail mail, get published, buy advertisements, go door to door – do whatever you can to get your idea out.

I know today’s vote isn’t the end of all this, but it’s the end of a neutral playing field, and I can’t understand why we would want that. Everyone’s ideas/products/access should be important regardless of how much money they have.

I will likely get to see some of the carnage first hand. I am a developer who primarily works on websites and other web related technologies. How is a “mom and pop” company going to compete with the likes of Amazon or Netflix when they can afford to pay for a “fast lane”? What happens when an ISP decides to block one of my customers because they are not the “<ISP X> Official Provider of <Service or Product Y>” so they get blocked entirely.

These are all narrow examples, but it has happened, and will likely happen in the future given the rollback of internet service being classified as Title II.

I don’t mean to get side tracked, but this vote has me becoming angry with people, because their voting history or lack of vote entirely. I don’t normally feel this way. I enjoy talking with those that I disagree with. I’m not happy about this conflict and am searching for a way to handle it without blowing up on them. My gut feeling is if you didn’t vote to help stop this, then you’re at fault. I know it’s more complex than that, but I’m going to need some time and a better way to channel this energy.

For those that haven’t seen it, The Oatmeal has an excellent comic that explains Net Neutrality better than I can.