New Car – 2001 Chevrolet Corvette

This post is a couple of years late now, but after selling my Camaro I purchased a 2001 Chevrolet Corvette to replace it. It’s pretty much a stock Corvette, and had just over 30k miles when I purchased it.

Originally meant to serve more as a track car, I found the Vette to be too nice to rip apart or modify. Since purchasing, I have put nearly 10k miles on it including a trip to Colorado/New Mexico, and a half dozen track days.

Corvette at Pikes Peak
Corvette at Pikes Peak

I still maintain, it is too nice to convert to an outright track car, but I have found some limitations while tracking it, especially the seats.

Everyone who drives C5s says how awful the seats are for high performance driving, and they are 100% correct. I use my left knee and pin myself against the speaker grill. I have dented this grill, and have seen the speaker grill imprinted on my leg before. It’s a distinct downgrade from the Recaros in my Camaro.