What Cars?

Every car/project that I documented and/or wrote about is no longer in my possession.

I junked my Integra in 2012 after the left rear lower control arm became disconnected and went into the trunk. It cut my brake line and would have been more work to fix than it was worth.

I sold my e30 in 2013. There was nothing wrong with it, but I needed something a little more modern and dependable. It never became the track car I had hoped, but it was fun while it lasted.

I parted ways with my Camaro in 2016. This one was a little bitter sweet since I had it for so many years, and had put so much work in to it. In the end I needed something different and found that in another car…

SOLD: SLP LS6 Intake Manifold with EGR – $300 – Part# 12573572

I bought a set of LS6 heads locally a while back and the guy threw in this SLP LS6 intake manifold. It’s an LS6 manifold that has been fitted with the EGR fitting that the 98-00 F-Body LS1s needed to pass emissions. I don’t have a use for it since I have an LS1 from a 2002 that does not require EGR. Part# 12573572

LS6 Intake Manifold w EGR

Drive for Babies 2010 Track Video

Well I finally cropped and uploaded my video from Drive for Babies 2010 at Road America. I didn’t record any more, because I thought the quality was too low with my phone. It actually isn’t too horrible. Anyway I will try to post some more track videos in the coming months. I kind of have no reason since winning a GoPro HD Hero 2 a month ago.

Mexican v1.0

I decided to publish my basic Mexican dice application for Android smart phones and tablets. It’s a very simple game and there isn’t much functionality in it yet. It allows you to roll, hide/show, show odds of being beaten/tied and counts the number of rolls. I plan to add some sort of look back function to see if any one was lying, but haven’t decided how I want to do so. I also plan to add a menu option to disable sounds.

Market link: Mexican

Update! I have since lost the key and will have to make a new app to incorporate all of the bug fixes and new enhancements :(.

Camaro Build Pt. 3 – More Teardown

We started ordering parts and they started coming in.  In the meantime, the car went from partial shell to complete shell.  Nearly everything was taken off of the car.  The engine bay was completely cleared, cleaned and repainted.  Inside, the car was stripped of seats, carpet and other trim pieces.  Dynamat was stuck to the floor to help keep the passenger compartment quiet and cooler.  A new dashpad was added since the old one had cracked (very common on 82-92 Camaros.)  Out back, the rear-end was taken out along with the gas tank.

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Camaro Build Pt. 2 – The LS1

With the transmission (Tremec TKO 600) now purchased and our original engine-transmission swap out the door we began looking for other options for engines.  Just about everything was now on the table included carburated engines.  The engine that offered the most bang/buck was an LS1.  After a few weeks of scouring craigslist(s), eBay and other forums, I came across someone in Chicago looking to sell an LS1 from a 2002 Pontiac Firebird.

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Camaro Build Pt. 1 – The Purchase

I’m finally going to take the time to document the build of my ’91 Camaro.  It’s going to take some time and will have multiple parts, so hang in there.

Back in February of 2004 my dad bought the car on eBay for $2,225.00.  It was a clean 1991 Chevrolet Camaro from New York.  It only had 11,000 miles due to a blown engine.  The seller’s official story was that a supercharger had been fit to the original TPI 350 for road racing and it didn’t last too long.  It didn’t come with an engine or transmission due to this.  We had it shipped for approximately $500 (to Butler, WI.)

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New LSD, Brake Lines and Drive Axles for the E30

I recently took the plunge and bought a new-to-me used limited slip differential off of eBay. It came from an ’89 325is with 117k miles on it. It is nice and clean with little resistance while turning. It has 3.73 gears which are the same as what I was already running. This past week I decided I would put it in with a pair of new drive axles and brake lines. The new lines are also from eBay, I cannot remember the seller or brand but are braided steel wrapped around Teflon and look the part.

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